For over 20 years, Southern Cross has been providing aircraft brokerage, acquisition, sales, and leasing services for our customers. In that time, we have purchased and sold more than $500,000,000 worth of aircraft, ranging from executive Boeings to Bell 412's to King Air's. As an inventorying dealer, we have the resources to purchase trade-in aircraft.
We have owned, brokered, refurbished, and sold hundreds of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. In the process, we have developed a reputation in the industry for delivering expert and honest advice and service.
Southern Cross takes pride in having no relationships or loyalties with any manufacturer; we thus find ourselves in a unique position to provide our clients with sound, objective advice as to which aircraft is most suitable to their particular requirements.
By offering complete turnkey service, from the early concept stages of the purchase or sale, through closing and post delivery customer support, we provide customers with exceptional value and service. And we don't believe our relationship ends with the sale. Really, it's just the beginning. Our clients can rest assured that when they are ready to sell or upgrade their asset we will be there to assist with every step.
The founding principle of our business has remained that of developing long-term relationships with each of our customers, and we work very hard to create and maintain a high level of confidence and trust. That is why we say, "The Value We Add Is Confidence."

Products & Services
We work with the following categories of aircraft:
• Jet Aircraft • Turbine Helicopters • Turboprop Aircraft  

We work with the following categories of facilities:
• Avionics • Brokering • Parts • Acquisitions
• Sales    

Contact Information
Southern Cross Aviation, LLC
1575 West Commercial Blvd
Hangar 35B
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33309
Phone: (704)901-7000
or (561)716-2152
Fax: (954)377-0307


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