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Glossary of Terminology

AC, A/C = Air Conditioning
ADs = Airworthiness Directives (Maintenance or Modification ordered by FAA)
ADF = Automatic Direction Finder
AFIS = Airborne Flight Information System
AI = Attitude Indicator
AP = Autopilot
Annual = Mandatory inspection of airframe and power plant that occurs every 12 months
A & P = Airframe and Powerplant
AP/FD = Autopilot/Flight Director
Aux Fuel = Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Boots = Inflatable device on leading edge of wing and tail used to remove ice
CAMP = Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
CHT = Cylinder Head Temperature
COM = Communication Radio
Conventional Gear = Two main wheels with one tail wheel
C/R = Counter-rotating propellers
Cycles = Turbine engine cycle begins with engine start up, continues through full-power and ends with shutdown
DF = Direction Finder
DG = Direction Gyro
DME = Distance Measuring Equipment
EFIS = Electronic Flight Instrument System
EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator
ENC = Encoder
FD = Flight Director
De-ice = Complete de-ice equipment installed on wings, tail, prop, and windshield
Full De-Ice = Complete de-ice/anti-ice equipment installed on wings, tail, props, and windshield
Full Panel = All gyros necessary for instrument flight
FWF = Firewall Forward (referencing overhaul)
GNS = Global Navigation System
Gold Crown = A set avionics package by King Radio Corp
GPS = Global Positioning System
GS = Glide Slope
HF = High Frequency Radio Equipment
Hot Prop = De-ice equipped propeller
HP = Horsepower
HSI = Horizontal Situation Indicator
IFR = Instrument Flight Rules
ILS = Instrument Landing System
IRAN = Inspection Repair As Necessary
K-Ice = FAA certified for flight into icing conditions
Known Ice, Known Icing = FAA certified for flight into icing conditions
LE = Left Engine
LOC = Localizer Receiver and Indicator
Loran = Long Range Navigation
LR Fuel = Long Range Fuel
LRT = Long Range Fuel Tanks
Microline = A set avionics package by Collins Radio Corp
Mid-Time = The middle third of recommended engine TBO
MLS = Microwave Landing System
MSP = Maintenance Service Program
NAV = Navigation Radio
Nav/Com = Navigation & Communication Radios
NDH = No Damage History
OXY = Oxygen system for passengers and crew
PBH = Power by the hour maintenance program
P&I = Paint and Interior
PMA = Parts Manufacturer Approval
P.O.R. = Price On Request
Proline = A set avionics package by Collins Radio Corp
RDF = Radio Direction Finder
RDR / Radar = On-board weather radar
RE = Right Engine
RG = Retractable Landing Gear
RMI = Radio Magnetic Indicator
RNAV = Area Navigation Device
SBs = Service Bulletin (Maintenance or modification ordered by the Manufacturer)
SCMOH = Since Chrome Major Overhaul
SCORE = Since Core Inspection (Turbine engine reference)
SFRM = Since Factory Remanufactured (reference to engines)
SFRMN = Since Factory Remanufactured (reference to engines)
SHOT = Since Hot Section Inspection (Turbine engine reference)
SHP = Shaft Horsepower (Turbine engine reference)
SHSI = Since Hot Section Inspection (Turbine engine reference)
Silver Crown = A set avionics package by King Radio Corp
Slaved Compass = North-seeking gyro-stabilized compass system
SMPI = Since Major Periodic Inspection (Turbine engine reference)
SMOH = Since Major Overhaul (engine time reference)
S/N = Serial Number
SOH = Since Overhaul
SPOH = Since Prop Overhaul (prop time reference)
STC = Supplemental Type Certificate
STOL = Short Takeoff and Landing Ability
STOP = Since Top Overhaul (reference to engines)
TBO = Time Between Overhaul
TCAS = Traffic Alert & Collision System
3LMB = Three Light Marker Beacon
Tri Gear = Tricycle style landing gear with nose wheel
TRs = Thrust Reversers
TT = Total Time (airframe reference)
TTAE = Total Time Airframe and Engine(s)
TTA&E = Total Time Airframe and Engine(s)
TTAF = Total Time Airframe
TTSN = Total Time Since New (airframe time reference)
Turboprop = A turbine engine driven propeller aircraft
TXP = Transponder
UHF = Ultra High Frequency
VFR = Visual Flight Rules
VHF = Very High Frequency
VLF = Very Low Frequency
VOR = Visual Omni Range (navigation radio)
Wet Wings = Method for containing fuel in the wings without using rubber fuel cells
XPDR = Transponder

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