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LH Sliding Door Cabin
Thermal Protection System
Heating and Demisting
High Skid Gear
Long Boarding Steps
EA Pilot Copilot Seats
Extended Seat Rails Pilot and Copilot
200 Amp Starter Generator
LED Position and Anti Collision lighting
Vision 1000 Flight Data Monitoring System
Interior Charcoal with Tretford Grey flooring
Collective hourmeter?RH High Visibility Pilot Door
Rotor Brake
Wirestrike Provisions
EA Extended Seat Rails Pilot/ Copilot
Firewall Reinforcement
Dual Hydraulics
Altitude Encoder Shadin 8800T
ELT Kannad 406 AH-E
Dual Controls w/ Twist Grip- B3
Increase Gross Weight to 2370 kg
G500H Garmin EFIS display (PFD, MFD, AHRS, ADC) (No Standby Attitude will be installed)
MD25-200 Mid-Continent 2" Airspeed Indicator (Standby Instrument)
MD15-222 Mid-Continent 2" Altimeter Indicator (Stand by Instrument)
HELI-0009 Cobham Heli SAS Autopilot system.
010-00769-55 Garmin G500H SVT Enablement Card
010-00769-64 Garmin G500H Radar Altimeter (ARINC 429) Enablement SD Data card
010-00820-A0 Garmin GTN-750H GPS/ Com m /Nav
010-01157-41 GTN-H DB Card - Americas North
013-00245-00 GA37 GPS/XM WAAS ANTENNA
010-00812-A0 Garmin GTN-635 GPS/ Com m only
010-01157-41 GTN-H DB Card - Americas North
010-00267-51 Garmin GTX-33H remote mounted M ode S Transponder (GTN controlled)
010-00339-11 Garmin GDL-69AH XM weather and XM audio receiver (displayed on GTN
and G500H)
010-00831-01 GMA 35 Audio Panel Remote with installation kit and pilot's guide
324843-1040 Bose A820 Noise Canceling Headsets with Bluetooth
323172-0010 Bose Installation connector Kit 6pin aircraft powered (one per headset)
010-00519-00 GTS 800 w / Dual GA 58 Directional Antennas
010-00946-00 Garmin GRA5500 Radar Altimeter Transceiver
011-02567-00 Garmin GRA5500 Mounting Rack
011-02573-01 Garmin GRA5500 Install Kit
S67-2002 Sensor System s Rad Alt antennas
800-28/BAT Davtron M-800 digital clock with battery
P174 Geneva 28V to 14V power supply wired to two cigarette lighter plugs
121001-101 AFS Air Filtration System - Customer Supplied
1741320 Oil Filter Kit
3501-2023-3 Tech Tool L/H Windshield (Light Sm oke Gray)
3501-2023-4 Tech Tool R/H Windshield (Light Smoke Gray)
3501-2030-1 Tech Tool L/H Crew Top Reduced Window w / Vent (Light Smoke Gray)
3501-2026-2 Tech Tool R/H Crew Top Window w / Vent (Light Smoke Gray)
3501-2031-1 Tech Tool L/H Crew Bottom Reduced Window (Light Smoke Gray)
3501-2028-1 Tech Tool R/H Crew Bottom Window (Light Smoke Gray)
3501CC-2032-5 Tech Tool L/H Slid e Door Bum p Out Window w / Vent (Gangster Gray)
3501CC-2027-4 Tech Tool R/H Cabin Bum p Out Window (Gangster Gray)
3501-2024-1 Tech Tool L/H Sky Window (Gangster Gray)
3501-2024-2 Tech Tool R/H Sky Window (Gangster Gray)
3501-2021-1 Tech Tool L/H Large Chin Window (Light Smoke Gray)
3501-2021-2 Tech Tool R/H Large Chin Window (Light Smoke Gray)
350-201014 ECL Aft Baggage Door Modification
D350-604-041 Dart Rear Locker Extender
350A08-2207-21 AAI Full Length Carbide Skid Shoes includes 350A41-1046-20 FWD shoes
350-700414-02 Euroc opter Blade Tie Down Kit
646.4001 Dart Wire Strike Kit
AS350-202-3 Air Com m Air Conditioning system c omplete:
350A82105101 AEC Tail Rotor Guard
INST Panel M od Modify Instrument panel and Glaresheild per customers specifications (half)
350-600024 ECL Airfram e Fuel Filter, Note: Currently being certified for installation on new B3e.
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