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FAA-Approved Maintenance Inspection Program
Maintenance and Inspection Manuals
Troop Seats with All Components for Paratroop Operations
Cargo Roller-Floor System
Spare Propellers, and Spare Wheels
11,815 Hrs (No damage history)
(4) Allison T-56A-11
The highest time engine has 1,175 Hours SMOH
Engines are Inspected On Condition
Prop Specs
Aero Products. 1,2 & 3 have 1,175 hrs. SMOH, and #4 85 SMOH
Becker - Installed 2002 / No TCAS
Inspection Status
FAA approved maintenance inspection program
Set of maintenance and inspection manuals

The four basic models of the Lockheed C-1 30 Hercules, an all-metal, high-wing, long-range, land-based monoplane, are described in this section. The primary mission of the C-130 is to provide rapid transportation of cargo and personnel by landing or by aerial delivery. The airplane can land and takeoff on short runways, and can be used on landing strips such as those usually found in advance base operations.
The flight station and the cargo compartment are completely pressurized and air-conditioned in flight and on the ground. Crew stations for a pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, and navigator plus crew comfort facilities are included in the flight deck arrangement. The single, spacious cargo compartment provides fast straight-in, aft-loading into a clear cube area ten feet wide by nine feet high by forty feet long. There are an additional ten feet on the loadable aft integral ramp which is adjustable to ground level. truckbed height, or freight-dock level.
The main cargo compartment has a 20-inch center-on-center grid pattern of 10,000 pound D-ring tied own fittings on the floor plus six 25,000-pound tiedown rings along each side of the floor. In addition, there are 5000-pound rings provided along the sides of the fuselage and on the ramp. Special fittings overhead, on the sidewalls, and in the floor are provided for the installation of troop seats and litter racks which are normally stowed in the aircraft.
The high-strength floor of the Hercules accepts many types of heavy cargo, including vehicles and other pieces of mobile equipment. Sections of both sides of the cargo compartment floor and ramp centerlines are strengthened to serve as vehicle treadways. Loading and unloading of the Hercules can be accomplished either manually or by fork-lift trucks, drive- on vehicular loading, or mechanized loading systems.
The standard C-130 mechanical loading system used by the USAF is the 463L system which handles both 88 inch x 54 inch and 88 inch x 108 inch pallets. It is a dual rail system which expedites the handling of palletized or containerized cargo for terminal-to-terminal operations and also provides the capability to safely handle equipment and supplies for aerial delivery. The system essentially consists of roller conveyors with locking devices for cargo restraint and remotely-operated release mechanisms. These conveyors are attached to the cargo floor tied own fittings.

Subject to Prior Sale, Lease or other Disposition
Description above given for general advisory purposes.
Interested parties should rely on their own inspection of the Aircraft prior to purchase.
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