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For Sale Price: USD $725,000

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Well maintained and overhauled with great times remaining. EMS Buchner and passenger configuration.
Same owner owns three of these and will consider selling each one seperately or all together as a package deal.
Engine Time rem./TBO
No.1 L/H
Compressor 3082 h / 3500 h
Turbine Mod. 1358 h / 3500 h
Tie Bolt 4186 cyc/ 6000 cyc
Fuel Pump 1518 h / 4000 h
FCU (N1) 1022 h / 4000 h
Governor (N2) 1770 h / 4000 h
Fuel Nozzle 1454 h / 2500 h
Bleed Valve 1082 h / 1500 h

Engine Time rem./TBO
No. 2 R/H
Compressor 3114 h / 3500 h
Turbine Mod. 2439 h / 3500 h
Tie Bolt 4345 cyc/6000cyc
Fuel Pump 1820 h / 4000 h
FCU (N1) 1215 h / 4000 h
Governor (N2) 1912 h / 4000 h
Fuel Nozzle 1163 h / 2500 h
Bleed Valve 1412 h / 1500 h
4" Horizon (Pilot) Sperry GH14-191
VHF/AM Dittel FSG 71M
Intercom system Becker AS3100-12
GPS Trimble TNL 2101
ELT Artex ELT100HM
Additional Equipment
Troop seat fixed provision
Lengthened seat rails (Pilot)
Settling Protectors fixed and detach. provision
Loud speakers external (integrated)
Ram air system Pil./Copil.
Head rests Pil.
Ram air vent. system (PAX)
Snow skid fixed prov.
PVC floor covering
Maintenance steps and grips
Bucher medical interior
Dual windscreen wiper/washing system
Strobe Lights
Search and landing light 450W
Fixed landing light fwd crosstube fwd crosstube L/H
Electric heating 3+1KW modified
Continuous ignition system
Scavenge oil filters
Long boarding steps (L/H and R/H)
Reversable copilot seat
Chip detecting system main transmission
Fixed inst. harness for tailrotor balance
Specifications subject to verification.
Inspection Status
100 hrs inspection time remaining 100 fhrs
12 month inspection time remaining 12 months
4 years / 600 h inspection time remaining 48 months
8 years / 6000 h inspection time remaining 96 months

Component Times Remaining
Rotor Time rem./TBO
Main Rotor Head 4614 h / 4800 h
Main Rotor Blades OC
Gear Box Time rem./TBO
Main Gear Box 3000 h / 3000 h
Tail Rotor Gear Box 3599 h / 3600 h
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