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For Sale Price: USD $242,509

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Check out the new ShockDawg! New Shock-absorbing landing gear! An add'l 50 lbs. of useful load- GTOW is now 2250 lbs. Many new factory options, including the Hartzell 80" "Trailblazer" carbon fiber prop, radio packages that include the new Garmin 200 series comms and nav-comms.

The most revolutionary change to the Husky in many years- actual automotive-type shock absorbers are now integrated into the main landing gear. By slowing compression and dramatically reducing rebound force, the Husky now makes super smoooooth landings on all surfaces- rough fields, pavement and everything in between. GET THE BOUNCE OUT

Other new features include a 50 lb. GTOW increase on "ShockDawg" Huskies to 2250 lbs, giving a typical 180HP Husky a useful load of almost 850-900 lbs. Also available for the 2015 model year is the Garmin 796 VFR panel, one with a electronic AI and MVP50, the other with standard engine instrumentation and no AI. The Garmin GTN750 is available in the G500 panel as well. Ask about new ADS-B options that are now or will soon be available- get free weather, TIS and ADS-B traffic.

Many different props and tires are available- what you select should be based on your performance requirements. The first certified aircraf that the new certified Hartzell TrailBlazer prop was certified on was the Husky. We highly recommend this ultra-high performance prop, sold with the composite prop spinner which not only dramatically decreases takeoff roll and increases rate-of-climb, but also takes 20 lbs. off the nose and puts it back into useful load. Tires are available from the standard 8.50's up to humongous 35" monsters. We'll help select the best tire for your needs and wants.

Give me a call at 956-357-2993 (cell) or 956-686-1774 (office) for more information!

McCreery Aviation has been a Husky dealer since 2002- longer than any other anywhere. We started with Texas to see if it was all it was supposed to be- and it was! Aviat expanded our territory to Oklahoma and Louisiana in 2005 and again in 2007 to include Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. In 2011 we were awarded Georgia and Missouri and for 2012, Florida! Over the years we’ve delivered new and used Huskys to happy owners throughout the United States and Europe. McCreery Aviation is a Husky Service Center (along with Cessna, Pilatus and Cirrus) and also offers a full-service avionics shop for after-sale installations.

We work closely with IFR Flight Training based at Georgetown Texas for Husky transition and tailwheel endorsements. Contact Mark Wilson at (512) 252-2211. We want to make sure that flying your new Husky is nothing but fun!

If you really want to know about the Husky, ask the man who owns one. Many owners have another aircraft in addition to their Husky- often a fast single- or twin-engine piston, turboprop or jet that they fly themselves. We're very proud of the fact that so many would rather fly their Husky than their “go-fast” airplane! Planning a trip to western Wyoming in the near future? Give Aviat a call well ahead of time and make an appointment for a factory tour. They are in the town of Afton, about 70 miles south of Jackson Hole. If you’re flying yourself, Afton (KAFO) has a great airport with a 7000 ft. runway and GPS approaches from north and south.

Contact us for complete information on this fantastic airplane!

I'm Jim Taylor and been with McCreery Aviation since 1994 as Sales Manager. I am personally responsible for all aspects of your Husky ownership experience, from getting the preliminary information to you to making that first flight where you'll see all the things that make a Husky a Husky from the front seat. We’ll put together the right combination of options and avionics to make the airplane truly yours. The most fun and final step is meet at the factory and where you'll get you comfortable in your new airplane- we'll fly home with you or to wherever your checkout will take place.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon! Buy your Husky from the most experienced Husky Dealer IN THE WORLD, McCreery Aviation.
Standard equipment includes
• Automotive race-type aluminum shock absorbers
• 50 lb. increase to the Gross Takeoff Weight- now 2250 lbs. Carry 2 big guys, full fuel, full bags and more cargo in the optional Cargo Pod
• Garmin 796 VFR panel with your choice of either MVP50 engine instrumentation w/ digital AI or Electonics Int'l "standard" engine instrumentation with no gyro, both mounted in the shorter VFR panel for better visibility and more knee room.
• Available Garmin GTN750 GPS/Comm/Nav unit w/ remote audio panel and optional remote transponder
• 14V/70A Alternator electrical system w/ circuit breakers
• 22A battery and lighweight starter
• Complete night lighting w/ separate landing and taxi lights, strobes, instrument flood lights. Optional LED landing/taxi lights and LED position/strobe lights.
• Complete flight and engine instruments with sensitive altimeter, airspeed, mag compass, manifold pressure, digital tach, digital oil temp/pressure, digital EGT/CHT.
• 60% semi-Fowler flaps
• Upswept wingtips
• Cabin heater (optional rear seat heat/defrost)
• Cleveland toes brakes
• Front and rear stick, rudder pedals, toe brakes and throttles
• Front seat inertial reel shoulder harness w lap belt and crotch strap- rear inertial reel optional
• Oil-impregnated chrome-moly fuselage and struts
Choose between the carbureted 180HP or fuel-injected 200HP Lycoming. Get extra performance (and cabin heat) with the new Powerflow Tuned Exhaust system on the 180HP.
Prop Specs
• Standard 76” Hartzell Constant-Speed with painted or optional Polished Spinner (180HP only).
• BRAND NEW 80” Hartzell True Composite Constant-Speed with painted composite or Polished Spinner (180HP or 200HP).
• Optional Hartzell 80” “Top Prop” with internal counterbalance for smooth operation and Polished Spinner (std prop on the 200HP Husky).
• Optional lightweight MT 205CM Composite Prop with painted Kevlar Spinner. Optional “Chrome-Look” spinner available.
• Optional 3-Blade MT Composite Prop! Still lighter than the standard 2-blade Hartzell by over 5 lbs. Looks great, tons of ground clearance. SUPER SMOOOOOOTH!
• Many Husky owners want to look into float flying with their airplanes. From owners and experienced seaplane pilots input, we can tell you there is NO current production airplane that can do what a Husky can do on (or off) the water. Wipline offers high quality aluminum floats for the Husky A-1C. They now has a 2250 GTOW for all "New Wing" Huskys with just a paperwork upgrade.
IFR Packages available

• Garmin G600 or G500 w/EDM930 pkg- includes Garmin G600 or G500 display and associated components, IFR certified Garmin 430W (WAAS) Comm/Nav/GPS or the new Garmin GTN750 Comm/Nav/GPS, Garmin 327 transponder, Garmin 340 Audio Panel/Mkr Bcn/Intercom, the new MidContinent "SAM" digital standby instrumentation package with built-in backup battery power, the Electronics International MVP-50 color engine monitor, music input jack, altitude reporter, aux power jacks, digital OAT. We recommend the G500 for the Husky as the only operational difference between the G500 and G600 is that Synthetic Vision is standard in the G600 and optional in the G500, but can be added for way less $ than the price difference between the two units.

VFR Packages available

• Garmin 796 mounted in the panel, with a Garmin SL40 Comm and 327 Transponder, PM1000 II mono intercom, Electronic Digital AI, altitude reporter, music input jack, Electronics Int'l MVP-50 Color engine analyzer, external GPS antenna

• Garmin 796 mounted in the panel, with a Garmin SL40 Comm and 327 Transponder, PM1000 II mono intercom, ball indicator, altitude reporter, music input jack, Electronics Int'l individual engine gauges, external GPS antenna.

• Garmin SL40 Comm and GTX327 txp, MVP-50 color engine monitor, altitude reporter, vacuum system, vacuum AI and DG, electric T&B, Instantaneous VSI, PM1000 II Intercom (Mono), music input jack, Airgizmo bracket for installing your Aera GPS (not included). This instrument panel is dimensionally identical to the 430W/530W IFR panel above, so it can later be modified to IFR if you should so desire.

• Garmin GDL39 ADS-B antenna. Combine with one of the Garmin portable GPS units for FREE radar, METARS, TAFs, TFRs, and NOTAMs for about $1,000. You'll never have to pay another XM subscription again!

Other major avionics/electronics options available:

• Substitute a Garmin 330 transponder with Traffic Information Service and Mode S for the standard GTX 327. An IFR package is NOT needed for this application- a Garmin 496 will work. TIS is available only in certain FAA terminal radar areas. See the Garmin website for more information.

• ADS-B is now an option on all Huskies. For an IFR In/Out solution you'll want a to add a GDL88, which puts weather and traffic on your G500 (weather much like XM) and complies with the 2020 ADS-B requirement;, or the Garmin 330ES transponder, which provides the necessary ADS-B 'Out" to be legal for 2020 but must be tied to a permanently mounted, WAAS GPS like a 430W or a GTN750. For the VFR aircraft, Aviat now offers the GDL84 as an option, which has the required ADS-B out integrated into the unit, but also has "in" and displays traffic and weather on 796 and wirelessly on your portable device via the "Flightstream" box.

• Add an Avidyne or Garmin Traffic Advisory System to any of the IFR systems for complete self-contained traffic coverage anywhere.

• Add a GDL69A Weather and XM Music downlink to your IFR Garmin panel for weather displayed on your 430, 530 or GDL500/600 panel and music playing through the headset jacks.

• You can also add a GDL39 portable ADS-B antenna for your 796 or 560 installation for ADS-B weather in
Additional Equipment
• Aviat now offers a very attractive exchange price for 26” Goodyear Tundra tires (which we recommend) vs. the standard 8.50 tires. They last forever (even on pavement), don't require the big Baby Bushwheel and look proportional to the airplane.

• For those who want to play out in the rocks, sand and mud, the 29” and 31” Alaska Bushwheel options are available with either the oversized Alaska Bushwheel tailwheel or gigantic Scott tailwheel.

Other Options

• There are a huge number of options available for the Husky, including pitot heat, autopilots, airbag restraint systems, extra antennas (for field radio installations), landing gear for skis and way more!

• The new Airglas Cargo Pod puts up to 170 lbs of fish, meat, bags, guns, fishing rods, whatever- outside of the airplane and almost on the CG. Carry what you want where it isn’t in the way. Does NOT affect cruise speed! Great combo with the Airglas Cargo Pod!
26 different paint schemes with 24 different colors!
Many different leathers for seats and stick surrounds, or chose the very comfortable fabric (now with 5 different colors available) as standard. Oregon Aero seat cushion systems come standard!
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