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Single Pilot IFR, Baggage Extension, AC, EMS Electrical System, Retractable Landing Light, Cargo hook, Rescue Hoist, Emergency Floats, Snow Skids/Slump Protection Pad, External Loudspeaker, Night Sun Searchlight Spectrolab
Basic aircraft with passenger cabin sliding doors
Six (6) passenger seats and two (2) pilot seats (Aircraft needs to be supplied with (3) aft facing and (3) forward facing seats including one sliding rotating seat)
Dual controls
Windshield wipers (Pilot/ Co-pilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grip
Baggage compartment extension (1.9m)
Engine #1: Pratt & Whitney PW206C
Engine #1 Total Time: 2098:42 hours
Engine #2: Pratt & Whitney PW206C
Engine #2 Total Time: 2098:42 hours
Rotor brake
Engine compartment fire extinguishers
Single pilot IFR avionic package (King Silver Crown Line):
AC system (2 Inverters)
Pilot navigation instruments including:ADI and EHSI 74, Stand by ADI; HSI
Gyrocompass: C14 Honeywell
Vertical gyros (No.1 & No.2): VG 208 JET Electronics
AFCS 3 Axis: SP711 Honeywell
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF): KR 87 King
Transponder (TDR): KT 71 King
VHF-COM/NAV #1: KX 165 King
VHF-COM/NAV #2: KX 165 King
ICS Pilot/Co Pilot: AG-06 Gemelli
DME: KDM 706A King
Marker Beacon: KMR 675 King

Factory Installed Avionic Equipment:
Co-pilot flight/ navigation instruments including:
ADI and EHSI 74, Co-pilot Barometric altimeter, Air speed indicator, Vertical speed indicator
Flight Director & auto trim: FZ 702 Honeywell
Radio altimeter: RT 300 Honeywell
ELT: C406-2HM Artex
GPS interfaced with EHSI 74: 2101 I/O Trimble
Weather Radar with dedicated CRT display: RDR 2000 Bendix
Radio master switch with ground function
Additional Equipment
Baggage compartment extension (1.9m)
Retractable landing light (450W)
Provision for cargo hook (1000kg) & rear view mirror
Provision for external rescue hoist
Provision for emergency floats
Provision for snow skis/ slump protection pad
Provision for external loudspeakers
Provision for Night sun Searchlight Spectrolab SX-16
Provision for Airframe Hour meter

Air intake/ exhaust covers
Pilot tubes covers
Tie-down fittings
Flight manual and technical publications
-Ground tools Kit
Tow bar
Lifting tool
Wheel Chocks

One (1) Cargo Hook (1000kg) and rear view mirror removable part
One (1) Emergency Floats removable parts
One (1) Hoist Removable parts
-Air conditioning Garret ECU
-Interior arrangement including:
-Fixed Parts
Roof liner with soundproofing
Rear wall with Aft Seat Rest & EMS provisions
Bench Panel covers with rear litter lock mechanism
Provision for Litter Platform
Cargo net provisions
Floor with rails for medical assist. Seat & drains
Storage Compartment provisions
Ventilation and heating system modification
EMS electrical system
Electrical outlets
Cabin comm. System with 3rd ICS station
Medical oxygen system provisions
EMS pilot/ co-pilot seats in lieu of standard seats
Pilot/ Co-pilot doors window with sliders

-Removable Parts
One sliding Rotating Seat
Three (3) Foldable aft, forward facing seats
Three (3) Forward facing Seat head rests
Two (2) Safety-belts with shoulder harness
Storage Compartment

Central Bench, 3 places, fabric covered with Shoulder Harness with Inertia reels and safety belts
Qty. 6 Active Noise Reduction headsets
Safety-belts with shoulder harness
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