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For Sale Price: USD $5,500,000

USD $5,500,000 + Tax = USD $6,050,000
(Tax applies to buyers in Australia)

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Fresh from 144 Month Check in September 2014.
Engines on Rolls-Royce Corporate Care.
Exterior Photo by Andreas Droschinski
Total Time: 2501 Hours
Total Landings: 1384
Model: Rolls Royce AE3007A1P
Serial No. (LH/RH): CAE312158/CAE312159
Program Coverage: Rolls Royce Corporate Care
Honeywell Autopilot Controller PC-400
Honeywell Guidance Controller GC-550
Honeywell Radio Management Unit (RMU) RM-855
Honeywell Integrated COMM/VHFI Unit RCZ-833E
Honeywell Integrated VHF (VHF Only) RCZ-851C
Honeywell Tuning Backup Head (CDH) CD-850
Avtech Passenger Address Amplifier
Honeywell Digital Audio Panel AV-805A
Allied Signal Cockpit Voice Recorder, Solid-State
Collins HF Power Amplifier PWR-230
Collins HF Transceiver TCR-230
Collins HF Control Panel CTL-230
Collins HF Antenna Coupler AAC-230
Collins VHF Transceiver VHF-22A
Collins VHF Control Panel CTL-22
Chelton VHF Communication Antenna
Lucas APU Starter Generator
Lucas Main DC Generator
Marathon AC Static Inverter
Artex ELT Transmitter
Whittaker/Sys rom Donner Engine Fire Overheat Detectors
Whittaker/Sys rom Donner APU Fire Overheat Detectors
Whittaker/Sys rom Donner Pylon Fire Overheat Detectors
Rosemount Stall Protection Computer
Allied Signal Flight Data Recorder, Solid-State
BF Goodrich Carbon Brake Assy
BF Goodrich Main Wheel Assy, 30X9.5-14
Goodyear Main Tire, 30X9.5-14 16PR
BF Goodrich Nose Wheel Assy, 6.50-8
Goodyear Nose tire, 19.5X6.75-8 8PR DT
Honeywell Display Unit DU-870
Honeywell Data Acquisition Unit DA-800
Honeywell Integrated Computer with AP IC-600
Honeywell Integrated Computer IC-600
Honeywell Air Data Computer AZ-850
Amtex Standby Magnetic Compass
Honeywell Attitude and Heading Computer AH-800
Honeywell Display Controller DC-550
Honeywell Radio Altimeter Transceiver RT-300
Honeywell Integrated NAV/ADF/DME RNZ-851
Honeywell Weather Radar Controller WC-650
Honeywell Weather Radar Transceiver WU-650
Honeywell TCAS II Receiver/Transmitter RT-910
Honeywell FMS Navigation Computer NZ-2000
Honeywell FMS Data Loader DL-900
Honeywell FMS Control Display Unit CD-810
Honeywell GPS Sensor Unit GNSSU
Dorne & Margolin VOR Localizer Antenna
Honeywell ADF Antenna AT-860
Honeywell TCAS II Antenna
Dorne & Margolin Marker Beacon Antenna
Sensor System Glide Slope Antenna
Sensor System Radio Altimeter Antenna
Sensor System GPS Sensor Antenna
Dorne & Margolin Transponder / DME Antenna
Additional Equipment
Flashlight x 3
Fire Extinguisher (Halon) x 2
Proctetive Breathing Equipment x 2
Life Vest x 13
Life Vest (Crew) x 4
Life Vest (Spare) x 2
Life Vest (Crew Spare) x 1
Life Vest (Infant) x 2
Life Raft x 2
First Aid Kit x 1
Survival Kit x 1
Demo Kit Bag x 1
Emergency Medical Kit x 1
Crash Axe x 1
Smoke Goggles x 2
Escape Slide x 4
Portable Oxygen Cylinder with Mask x 1
Lav Smoke Detector x 2
Lav Fire Exstinguisher x 2
Infant Seat Belt x 2
Emergency Locator Transmitter x 1
Overall Matterhorn White with Blue Stripe.
13 Passengers VIP Configuration
Inspection Status
C of A: 16-Jun-14
C of R: 14-May-14
C of I: 1-May-14
Radio Licence: 26-Jun-14
Compass Swing: 24-Jul-14
Weight & Balance: 20-Jul-15
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