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For Sale Price: USD $4,450,000

USD $4,450,000 + Tax = USD $4,895,000
(Tax applies to buyers in Australia)

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Offshore configured, SAR equipped helicopter with 4-axis autopilot, rappel and EMS installations
Wulfsberg C-5000 Control Head
- >Wulfsberg RT-5000 Transceiver
- >Wulfsberg RT-406F Transceiver
Becker Av DVCS6100 Aircraft Audio System
- >Becker Av REU6100
- >Becker Av Pilot & Co-pilot ACU6100
- >Becker Av Hoist Operator & Rear Medical Crew
- >Becker Av IC3100 Rear cabin Interphone System
EFIS - Honeywell EDZ-705 MFD - Garmin GMX200
#2 Transponder - KXP756 Motorola XTL5000 Radio
#1 ADF - KDF806 Marker Beacon Receiver - KMR675
DME Interrogator - KDM706A Sandia Aerospace Air Data Computer SAC7-35
#1 COMM/NAV - Garmin GNS430W #2 COMM/NAV - Garmin GNS430W
GAD 24 Interface Assigned Altitude Indicator - Centre Pillar
Skyconnect trakker ELT - ARTEX 406Mhz
360 Degree Steerable searchlight - Pilot Collective
Laptop/Moving Map GPS position/power feed
Honeywell SPZ-7600 4 Axis DAFCS with Dual Flt
Director/Coupled Collective
Digital mobile phone installation with Remote Dial
Weather Radar - Honeywell ART 2000 Rechargeable Torch with Cradles - Pilot/Co-Pilot
Stormscope - L3 WX500 Centre Console Audio Switching Panel
TAS - L3 Skywatch 497 NVG Cockpit/Cabin/Exterior
Two (2) Radio Altimeter System - RT-300 Radio Altimeter DH Aural Alert
Standby ADI - L3 ADI-335 Centre Console NVG Stalk Light
SAR Direction Finder - Rhotheta 600A Pilot Altimeter - QNH mmBar only
Emergency Interconnect CB upgrade #1 Transponder - Becker Av BXP6402 Mode S
Additional Equipment
AAI Avionics Rainshields BLR Fast Fin and Strake
AAI External Hoist Installation - Goodrich 42325-12 Bristol Wire Strike Protection Kit - Upper/Lower
AAI Flitestep DART Twin Pac E-Z Access Kit
AAI Nightsun - Spectrolab SX-16 DART Quarter Door External Handles
AAI Pushout Window - Cabin Sliding Door DART Protective Trim Kit
AAI Radome Assy DART Crew/Cabin Door upgrade kit
AAI Vibration Monitor - BHVMS DART Spacedoor Installation
AAI Window - Crew door sliding window DART Crosstube
AAI Windshield - L/R Windshields DART Skidtube
Air Comm Corp Air Conditioning System DART Gross Weight Towing Kit
C-Box Drain Reservoir - Alpine Aerotech Benz Airborne Remote Engine Oil Press Transducer
Assigned Altitude Indicator - Centre Pillar Compressor Wash Kit
Stack DVR Recorder - 3 ext cameras Lockable Fuel Cap
GoPro camera attachment - 3 ext cameras LED NAV/Strobe Lights
External EMS lights - Hoist DTW/Tail/Disc Windscreen Fastener Replacement
Hoist Control outlet Relocation MD835-1 Aux Medical Battery
Hoist Fairing Inspection Window High Intensity & NVG Compatible Cabin Lighting
Hoist Arm to Hoist Fairing Weather Protection Boot Nightsun Mount - Lower AAI Mount to Forward
Overhead Window Removal/Composite Panel Install
- Pilot and Co-Pilot
Cabin Rear Wall Seat Track/Equipment Stowage
Underbelly Access Panels Fwd Transmission Wall & Roof Personnel Hardpoints
Hard Wall/Ceiling linings DeCrane Medical Attendant Seats
Overhead grab rails Composite Medical Wet Floor
Cabin Fire Extinguisher Cabin Altimeter
Cabin Overhead IV hook & Rail Medical Oxygen System - 2 x D Size bottles 3000L
Cabin Spot light outlets Co-pilot Door Map stowage
Copilot Quick Disc Removable Controls
>Co-Pilot Removable Collective cover/Map Stowage
>Co-Pilot Floor Pan Cover - Tail Rotor Pedals
Cabin Stretcher Installation
> Byron Aviation 433HS x 2 Installation
> Traverse Rescue Stretcher Installation
> Helimods Stretcher HM05048170 Installation
LH Door Pillar Internal Skin Mod/Access Holes Medical Suction Pwr & Mechanical mount
Laptop/Moving Map Mechanical Mount Medical glove box holder - Cabin Overhead
28V/14V Power convertors & Cabin Outlets
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