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LIFT Aviation Company is excited to introduce the Beechcraft King Air B200 part 91 block-time dry-lease program.

The B200 is Beechcraft's mainstay in the realm of TurboProps. These aircraft are solid and rugged for the heavy travelers yet refined and classy for the business operator. With a commanding ramp presence you will immediately know why it is called the King Air. She sits up high, sports twin five-bladed propellors, and is dressed in a sexy metallic paint that begs to be flown fast.

Topping speeds of 290 knots (330+ mph), this B200 purrs like a jet in cruise with very low sound levels in the cabin - this due to the twin McCauley BlackMac props. She can take you and your friends, family members, or colleagues in comfort and style. With a maximum range of 1300 nm (1495 miles), you can reach either coast non-stop from Texas.

Our King Air B200 is packed with seating for 10 covered in plush tan overstuffed leather. The seating configuration in our bird is arranged with five captain's chairs, side facing couch for two, belted lavatory, and rear forward facing aft seat. Entry and exit is made through a grand "air-stair" which lowers with twin supports for easy loading and unloading.

Safety is key when it comes to aviation. At the top of the list of safety features of our B200 is a brand new 2015 install of the Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite. This $400k+ modification yields the safety of Synthetic Vision, paperless cockpit, active weather radar, XM weather, and active traffic. With safety in mind, the King Air has two engines, two propellers, two independent electrical systems, two environmental systems, two pressurization systems – the systems are redundant and the safety features top those of the King Air’s competition, the Pilatus PC12, which does not have this redundancy and only one engine. Our King Air B200 with multiple speed mods is 20-25 knots faster than the Pilatus PC12-NG along with shorter times to climb to cruise altitude. Yes, the King Air burns slightly more fuel than its competitor, however with our reduced lease pricing, faster climbs and the increased cruise speed, the costs per mile of the B200 are roughly the same or less than the PC12.

This aircraft is Central Texas-based. We are happy if you would like to reposition the aircraft to an airport near you with the understanding the aircraft will be returned to base after each flight. Operational control is transferred to the lessee/operator with strict adherence to the Federal Aviation Regulations. LIFT AVIATION IS NOT AN ON DEMAND CHARTER COMPANY AND DOES NOT HOLD A FAR PART 135 CERTIFICATE. LIFT Aviation sells 25 and 50 hour commitments and will not sell single trips to the public.

Contact LIFT Aviation Company for more details.
Prop Specs
McCauley Black Mac 5 bladed props
GFC700 AutoPilot
Synthetic Vision
Garmin Radar
Highways in the Sky Technology
Upgrade June 2015
Year Painted
Year Interior
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