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Check out this beautiful 2013 TTx. Avionics warranty until 10/15/17 & Power Plant warranty until 10/15/18.
All information herein applies to the TTx Model T240. The TTx Model T240 is a pre-molded, composite built, semi-monocoque, four seat, single engine, low wing, tricycle design airplane. Suitable allowance for luggage is provided.

The TTx Model T240 is certified to the requirements of U.S. Federal Aviation Regulation Part 23 through amendment 23-46, including day, night, VFR and IFR.
• Continental Motors TSIO-550-C Engine
• 310 HP @ 2600 RPM
• Twin Turbo-Charged / Twin Intercoolers
• Certified for 100LL & 100 Fuel
• Fuel Injection System
• High-Pressure Wet-Sump Oil System
• Oil Cooler
• Dual Intercoolers
• Bleed Air Heat
• Induction Air Filter
• Full Flow Oil Filter
• Throttle Control - Vernier
• Mixture Control - Vernier
• Propeller Control - Vernier
• Dual Ignition System
Prop Specs
• Constant Speed, 3 Blade Metal Propeller with Blade Heaters
• Propeller Governor
• Propeller Spinner, Polished
• Electric Starter
G2000 - Intrinzic Cockpit powered by Garmin
• GMA-36 Remote Digital Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon/Intercom
• GTC-570 Touch Screen Controller
• GTX-33ES Transponder-Mode S, w-Traffic Information System capability
• GDU-1400 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
• GDU-1400 Multi-Function Display (MFD)
• GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer
• GRS-77 AHRS (dual)
• GDC-74A Air Data Computer w/OAT Probe
• GMU-44 Magnetometer (dual)
• GDL-69A Flight Information System (FIS) w/XM Radio
• GCU-275 Primary Flight Display (PFD) Controller
• Terrain Awareness System (TAWS-B)
• Electronic Checklist
• GFC-700 Autopilot
• Go-Around Switch
• Electric Trim
• A/P Disconnect
• Control Stick Steering Button
• GMC-720 Auto Flight Controller System (AFCS)
• Garmin SafeTaxi & FliteCharts (FliteCharts do not provide Geosynchronous Positioning)
• GTS-800 Traffic Advisory System
• ESI-1000 L-3 Trilogy (Backup Airspeed, Altimeter and Attitude (Electric) Indicator)
• Control Stick Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
• Mic & Phone Jacks-Pilot/Copilot/Passengers (Bose and Standard)
• Antennas:
Marker Beacon Antenna
Transponder Antenna
WAAS/COMM Antenna (1)
GPS / XM Antenna (1)
COMM Antenna (1)
NAV Antenna
TAS Omni (1)
TAS Directional (1)
• Artex ELT-ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter
• Pitot System - Heated
• Static System
• Alternate Static Source
• CO Detector/Pulse Oximeter
• Synthetic Vision Technologies (SVT) - Garmin Synthetic Vision utilizes GPS-based graphic technology providing virtual depiction of terrain and water features, complete with obstacles and airborne traffic, in 3-D perspective that allows pilots enhanced visual cues and improved situational awareness regardless of meteorological or lighting conditions.
• Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) Garmin - Electronic monitoring and exceedance-correcting system that operates in the background, in concert with the autopilot. Assists the pilot in maintaining the aircraft in a safe, flight-stable condition, helping to
prevent the onset of stalls/spins, overspeeds, steep spirals or other loss of control conditions should the pilot become distracted, disorientated or incapacitated during flight.
Year Painted
Apex Major
Belly Color: Light Lime Pearl
Stripe Color: Phantom Gray Pearl
Year Interior
Stealth Leather
Inspection Status
Fresh October 2014 Annual
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