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Sparfell & Partners is pleased to present exclusively this beautiful VVIP Sikorsky S76C+ helicopter, being Swiss registered HB-ZSQ. This helicopter was completely refurbished 2013 at RUAG, Switzerland, with new paint and interior. This stunning Sikorsky has been often used by Royal Family members for charter. It will be delivered with fresh 12 and 24 month inspections. Highlights of this helicopter include:

- Executive twin engine helicopter for a price of a single engine light-weight helicopter!
- Risk free purchase
- Engines under Turbomeca Program
- Gearboxes under HSI Power Train Assurance Program
- Avionics are under Honeywell & Rockwell Collins Assurance Program
- Expectional aircraft condition based on Swiss quality
- New paint & interior in 2013 at RUAG Alpnach
- Fresh from 1 year inspection in April 2015 at RUAG
- Major 3 years inspection in April 2014 at RUAG
- Full VVIP 6 passengers outstanding interior
- The most glamorous executive helicopter often used by Royal Family members for charter
- No damage history

Sikorsky was founded in 1925 by aircraft engineer Igor Sikorsky, an American immigrant who was born in Russia. The company, named "Sikorsky Manufacturing Company", began aircraft production in Roosevelt, New York, that year. In 1929 the company moved to Stratford, Connecticut. It became a part of United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (now United Technologies Corporation - UTC) in July of that year. In the United States, Igor Sikorsky originally concentrated on the development of multi-engine landplanes and then amphibious aircraft. In the late 1930s, he began to work on developing a practical helicopter. After first flying the VS-300 he developed the Sikorsky R-4, the first stable, single-rotor, fully controllable helicopter to enter large full-scale production in 1942, upon which the majority of subsequent helicopters were based. Sikorsky Aircraft remains one of the leading manufacturers, producing such well-known models as the military UH-60 Black Hawk, SH-60 Seahawk, as well as the civilian S76 and S92. It is a leading defence contractor. Sikorsky has supplied the US Presidential helicopter since 1957. The Sikorsky S-76 is an American medium-size commercial utility helicopter. The S-76 features twin turbo shaft engines, four-bladed main and tail rotors and retractable landing gear. The S-76 is of conventional configuration, with a four-bladed fully articulated main rotor and a four-bladed anti-torque rotor on the port side of the tail boom. Two turbo shaft engines are located above the passenger cabin. In the prototypes and initial production aircraft, these engines were Allison 250-C30s, a new version of the popular Allison 250 engine developed specially for the S-76. The development of the S-76 began in the mid-1970s as the S-74, with the design goal of providing a medium helicopter for corporate transportation and the oil drilling industry; the S-74 was later redesignated the S-76 in honor of the U.S. Bicentennial. It was the first Sikorsky helicopter designed purely for commercial rather than military use. The prototype first flew on March 13, 1977. The first production variant was the S-76A. In 1982, this model set class records for range, climb, speed and ceiling. The S-76 was introduced in 1982 and the B in 1987, with its top speed of 155 Kts (287 km/h) at sea level. Then the S76C+ was launched in June 1996. It was a major step change in technology with twin Turboméca Arriel 2S1 engines with FADEC as well as a new Honeywell EFIS suite. The aircraft incorporates active noise suppression, vibration dampers and a composite main rotor. On January 3, 2006, the S-76 C++ replaced earlier models in production. It is powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 engines and incorporates an improved and quieter transmission as well as minor changes in the interior equipment and avionics.
- Engine manufacturer: Turbomeca
- Engine type: Arriel 2S1
- Engine: Hours Cycles
#1 – S/N 20554 1’674 3’319
#2 – S/N 20561 4’245 7’891
- Enrolled on Turbomeca Program
- ICS System
- Three networks (pilot/copilot; cabin only; & cabin/copilot) with selection via switch panel in Center Console Cabin to monitor VHF1, VHF2, & ADF
- Four call switches in cabin to activate Cockpit headset tone & annunciator in Instrument Panel
- 2-Crew + 6-Pax Headsets. David Clark H20-16
- Dual AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System)
- UNS-1D NMS with GPS Spare wires from UNS-1D to Instrument Panel & Broom Closet area (cabin Side)
Additional Equipment
- LH Hinged Door including Electric Door Lock
- RH Hinged Door including Electric Door Lock
- Electric Door Lock for Co-Pilot Door
- Dual Retractable Boarding Steps
- Lower Cockpit Doors Windows
- Center Console canted 10 Degrees
- Hinged Fuel Filler Caps has Tangs Fitted
- Main Rotor Pylon Access Cover with Thumb Latches
- Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
- Hydraulic Module Access Cover with Thumb Latches
- Main Rotor Blade Flap and Droop Restrainers
- Intermediate Gear Box Inspection Cover
- Relocated Pilot's power off Vne Placard to pilot's upper plate holder
- Installed Airspeed bug panel horizontal

- Fixed Landing Light On Left Main Gear
- Tel-Tail Lights
- Logo lights
- Momentary Washer/Wiper Switch on Cyclic in cargo hook position
- Mini Master Switch Panel
- Second mini master switch panel to replace switches on Overhead Switch Panel - Repositioned DFCS go-around switch on collective to Hoist position
- Relocated Float switches on cyclics to collectives
- Glareshield Light Variable Dimmer
- High Intensity Strobe Light System (upper & lower)

- Portable UNS Data Transfer Unit. P/N 1404-01-11 s/n 704.
- 2-Crew + 6-Pax Headsets. David Clark
- Undercarriage door covers - 2 pieces
- Exhaust blanks - 2 pieces
- Intake blanks - 2 pieces
- M/R/B tie downs - 4 pieces
- I/G/B intake blanks - 2 pieces
- Fight Fire Here blanks - 2 pieces
- Pitot blanks - 2 pieces
- Stabilizer covers - 2 pieces

- Artex ELT 110-406 with 121, and 242 MHz and also 406 Mhz satellite frequencies
- Eaton IK7707 Engine Chip Zapper system in accordance with STC SR01472 NY
- Moving Terrain MTUP
Year Painted
Year Interior
Inspection Status
Will be delivered with fresh 12 and 24 month inspections.
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