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Schweiss Doors has the original patent on strap lift bifold doors. Strap bifold doors have virtually taken the market over from the outdated cable lift doors. Each strap is rated at 29,000 lbs. and are safer than cables, lift your door faster than outdated cables and eliminate cable fraying, overwrapping and breaking. The new automatic Schweiss Strap latch is far superior to any on the market.

Look no further, you've come to the right place! At Schweiss, you have choices! We'll help you choose the right door for your building. At Schweiss Doors, there are no secrets, no hidden costs and best of all no hassles!!

We have introduced a new way to lift our bifold doors. Now available is our new, patented, "lift straps" that take the place of aircraft cables to raise and lower your door. The lift straps make our door Faster, Safer, Simpler, Easier, and Quieter than any other bifold door available to you on the market today. Schweiss Bifold Doors is constantly on the move, trying new and better ways. Our business Goal: Give the best money can buy at very affordable prices.
Schweiss designed and patented a custom made polyester Lift Strap that provides a new alternative to steel cables unlike any on the market to open bifold doors. The Schweiss Lift Strap is durable and lasts longer than steel cables. It requires less maintenance and it is very easy to replace. Eighty percent of our customers are demanding the popular "New Lift Straps" on their Schweiss Bifold doors.
How Does the new "Lift Strap" work? The strap wraps around the lift drum as the door opens, increasing the size of the drum. The larger the drum's circumference the faster the door opens. It's ideal: the door opens slowly at first and quickly picks up speed, a nice safety feature. It's a clean, strong design. It's quiet, it's simple, and the door opens faster.
With the new "Lift Strap," Schweiss also offers a new strap tightener system which takes up slack in the belting. This is a real nice feature for keeping the proper tension on the "Lift Straps"

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