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For Sale Price: USD $49,900,000

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CB Aviation is proud to bring this brand new 2016 Global 6000 with delivery in January 2016. The Global 6000 aircraft delivers the power to depart from the most challenging airfields, the performance to get you to your destination ahead of schedule and the range to connect you to your world.

The ultra-long range Global 6000 aircraft flies non-stop to the farthest reaches of the globe to meet the more demanding travel needs of today’s leaders. Capable of cruising at an outstanding Mach 0.88, the Global 6000 aircraft will carry you an impressive 6,000 nautical miles at a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 with a complement of 8 passengers and a full baggage compartment.
Number 2
Make / Model Rolls-Royce Deutschland / BR700-710A2-20
Rating Take off 14,750 lbf 6,690 kgf
Time Between Overhaul On Condition
Hot Section Inspection Interval On Condition
Flat Rated to (at Sea Level) ISA + 20°C
Two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR700-710A2-20 turbofan engines power the Aircraft. The engines produce 14,750 lb. of thrust up to 35°C (ISA+20°C) at sea level.
Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
Perfect visibility regardless of the weather or time of day
Wireframe synthetic image overlay on the HUD
High-resolution Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Camera
Sharper, crisper image for much improved situational awareness
Image displayed on the HUD and/or a multifunction display Latest cockpit technology
Electronic flight bag
Paperless capable cockpit
Multi-scan weather radar
Triple-advanced Flight Management System (FMS)
Controller Pilot Datalink Communications - Link 2000+ and Future Air Navigation System (FANS)
Wind shear escape
Vertical situation display
Auto throttle with both dual and single engine
Surface Management System (SMS) — Optional
Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
Additional Equipment
Auto Flight
-Dual three-axis, active-standby Category II
- Flight Control Systems (AFCS) The AFCS includes computations for flight guidance, autopilot,
autothrottle, yaw damper and automatic pitch trim.
- (FCP) or via the take-off go-around switches on the throttles. The FCP hosts controls for
yaw damper and autopilot engage / disengage and LNAV / VNAV controls.
-Primary Flight Display (PFD).

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion
Communication and navigation system uses dual Radio Interface Units (RIU) to concentrate data and audio from each of the receivers and transmitters.

The RIU performs the following functions:
-Performs the Communications Management Unit function, providing several data communications functions. The RIU provides the SELCAL function and operates as the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) compatible router.

-Receives the digital audio busses from the radios and concentrates them on a bus to the Audio Control Panel.

-Mixes flight deck audio and aural alerts.

-Presents multi-channel aural tones and voice tones so that they can be heard in concert. The Aircraft communication system also includes:

VHF Communication - The VHF Communication System consists of three Rockwell Collins VHF-4000
communication radios. The VHF radio is designed to offer either 8.33 KHz or 25 KHz tuning intervals, selectable from a tuning controls page. One VHF radio has data capability. The data capability is provided by embedded d modems for VHF Data Link Mode A and Mode 2.

HF Communication - A dual HF communication
system is installed.

SELCAL – A dual SELCAL system is implemented within the RIUs, and provides an aural annunciation
and an EICAS message when a preset code is received by either the VHF or HF radios. The system is capable of monitoring three VHF and two HF radios.

Datalink - The system includes baseline Data Link capability. The Data Link capability is provided by
the Radio Interface Units. The system also includes a single Future Air Navigation System (FANS) function. Once available, initial FANS capability will include Airline Operational Control (AOC) operations and Controller Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC).

Audio system - The audio system is a fully integrated digital audio control system with three Audio Control Panels (ACP). The ACP provides individual audio control for communication radios, navigation radios, and the interphone. The ACP provides both selection and volume controls. The audio signals from all radios are provided to the pilot, first officer and flight observer headphones, as well as to the flight deck speakers. The audio system
also provides convenient pilot-to-pilot communications, as well as providing inputs for the aural warnings from Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), TAWS, and EICAS.

Indicating / Recording Systems

Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) –
The EFIS consists of four Adaptive Flight Displays (AFD) presenting primary flight and navigational data from the various sensors to the pilots, as well as Situational Awareness information. In normal operation the EFIS has two partitions dedicated to the PFDs, one for EICAS and five multifunction windows. Each multifunction window occupies half a display and can host the following formats:

-Navigation: Plan and Map with overlays.
-Video: single or multiple cameras.
-System: Checklist and Synoptic.
-Documents and Maintenance.
-Com / Nav: Tuning, ACARS, CPDLC, SATCOM, Graphical Weather.
-Clocks - Two clocks are installed, one on the pilot’s side panel, the other on the co-pilot’s side panel.
-A CVR system is installed.
-Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
-Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

The navigation system includes the following components: Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) –
The Pro Line Fusion IFIS provides several features specifically designed to improve flight crew situational awareness:

-Electronic Charts: dual Jeppesen electronic charts, departure, arrival, approach, airport charts.
-Capability for Graphical Weather display
-Paperless operation
-Class II Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
-Head Up Flight Display System (HUD)
-Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
-Synthetic Vision System (SVS) for Situational Awareness
-Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument
-Air Data System (ADS)
-Weather Radar
-Inertial Reference System (IRS)
-Navigation and Surveillance sensors
-Terrain Awareness and Warning System
-Flight Management System (FMS)

Additional Equipment:
Workstation Cabinet and Single Seat
Surface Management System (SMS)
CNX Data Acceleration
LINK 2000+
Workstation and Low Cabinet Design – WITH INLAY
The Aircraft is delivered with no exterior paint.
Crew (minimum) 2
Passengers (typical / maximum)(1) 8/19
Workstation and Low Cabinet Design – WITH INLAY
The executive configuration will promote both productivity and comfort. The aircraft is configured for up to 16 passengers. Galley Location Forward with Galley Annex and Additional Universal Outlets Forward crew Rest Area
Forward Cabin Configuration 4 Club Seating with Pull-out Tables

Mid Cabin Configuration 4 Place Conference Grouping opposite a Credenza with Low Cabinet
Aft Cabin Configuration 3 Place 16G Divan opposite 2 Club Seats
Lavatory Location(s) Forward Crew Lavatory and Aft Fully enclosed Passenger Lavatory

Galley Equipment: Aerolux Nespresso Machine, Chiller, Microwave Oven, High Temperature Oven

Display/TV Monitor(s) Two 24” HD Monitors & Three10.4” Plug in Monitors
Airshow System Airshow ASXi Interactive Flight Information System w/ Airshow Netwrok and World Explorer Guide
Video Playback Dual 2 Disk Blu-Ray/CD/DVD/MP3 Player
HD Audio/Video Media Distribution Center
CES 5000 with control via iPods Two (2) iPod 30-pin nesting cradles above the crew rest
High Quality Speaker/Subwoofer System One (1) High Definition Media Streamer Hard Disk

Voice and Data Inmarsat Satcom Aero H+ Voice/Data, Dual Channel Swift Broaband Data, Innotech Ku Band Mobile Broadband Data
In Flight Phone Iridium ICS-100
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