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For Sale Price: USD $250,000

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Most Available Upgrades Including MT Composite Prop, Banner Kit, Custom Paint, Front Cockpit Airspeed and Altimeter, Garmin GDL39, Leather Seats, Ground APU Plug, and More.

The NEW Great Lakes by WACO. One of the most respected Aerobatics Trainers and Sportsman's airplane in the World. Completely updated for 2106. Aerobatic (Standard) category.
Manufacture Date: July 17th, 2014
20.8 TT

More Cockpit Room, Pilot Seat Reclined and Top Moved Aft 4 Inches Providing Greatly Improved Space.
New Toe Brakes with Great Modulation and Performance
Rugged 4130 Steel Fuselage Frame of American or German Tubing, Epoxy Coated, Internally Oiled
Aluminum Sidewalls (Left & Right Sides)
Aluminum Ailerons (4)
Oleo Strut Main Landing Gear with New O Ring Seals - No Leak.
All Stainless Control Cables and Flying Wires
Disk Wheels & Brakes by Grove
Cabin Heater with Outlet in Pilot Cockpit
Exhaust System, Stainless Steel
Wheel Pants, Light Weight Composite
4130 Steel Interplane and Cabane Wing Struts
Flying & Landing Wires - Stainless Steel
One-Piece Rear Windshield Frame
Front Cockpit Windshield - Removable
Tie Down Rings (2)
Steps - Cabin Entrance
Lycoming AEIO-360-B1G6
4 Cylinder Horizontally Opposed Air-Cooled Piston Engine
S/N L-36203-51E
Date Of Manufacture: November 25th 2013
E.T.S.N. 20.8 Hours
Inverted Fuel and Oil System
Prop Specs
2 Blade MT Composite Prop MTV-15-B-C Upgrade
S/N 140148
Date Of Manufacture: January 29th 2014
P.T.S.N. 20.8 Hours
Banner Kit (Includes Cockpit Release, Hook, and Two Mirrors) Upgrade
United Inst S934D-3 Altimeter (Rear)
United Inst S934D-3 Altimeter (Front) Upgrade
United Inst T16-310-181732 Airspeed Indicator (Rear)
United Inst T16-310-181732 Airspeed Indicator (Front) Upgrade
Falcon GM510-2 Accelerometer (Rear)
Falcon GM510-2 Accelerometer (Front)
JP Instruments EDM 930 Engine Data Monitor (Rear)
JP Instruments EDM 930 Engine Data Monitor Remote Indicator (Rear)
Trig TY91 VHF Com Radio with Panel Mounted Trig TC90 Remote Control Head
Trig TT22 Transponder (1090ES ADS-B Out Capable) with Panel Mounted Trig TC20 Remote Control Head
Garmin Aera 500 Portable GPS
Garmin GDL39 Portable ADS-B Datalink for Aera 500 Upgrade
Ameri-King AK-451-2D 406 MHZ ELT
Additional Equipment
Front Cockpit Zip In Cover Upgrade
Ground APU Plug Upgrade
Battery Charger (Includes Wiring) Upgrade
G-Meter In Cockpit
Dual Flight Control System
Seat Belts with Shoulder Harness (Hooker Brand)
Throttle/Mixture/Prop Lever Quadrant
Hydraulic Toe-Operated Brakes, Rear, Heel Brakes Front
Map / iPad Case
Storage Area Behind Seat (Rear)
Pilots Operating and Service Manuals
Dacron Fabric Covering
Custom Four Paint Scheme Upgrade
Leather Seats Upgrade
Inspection Status
Battery Due Sept 2018
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