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For Sale Price: USD $4,000,000

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Offshore OGP configured.
• Precise Flight 3060-S Pulsed Landing Light Kit
• Hobbs Meter, Collective Activated (Forest Service Spec)
• Horizontal Stabilizer Tip Strobes, White
• Vertical Fin LED Strobe, Red
• Belly Strobe, LED, Red
• Air Conditioning System, Triple Evaporator (Metro STC)
• Jettisonable Cockpit Doors (SB 52-05)
• Additional Hardpoints Mounted on Sidewalls in Cargo Area
• 110V External Power Plug in Port, 15 Amp Rated, Single outlet in cabin area
• Storage Bins behind Pilot and Co-Pilot seats
• Apical Skid Mounted Float kit with Dual Life Raft, and Water activated inflation
• Landing and Searchlight 400W/200W/IR
• Martin Baker Passenger Seating Arrangement (6 or 8 Place)
• HEELS Lighting Kit
• SB 52-006 Cabin Pop-Out Windows
• Concorde RG-380E/44 Lead Acid Battery STC SR09298RC0D
• Garmin GDL69 XM Weather
• Garmin GTTX330ES Transponder (ADS-B compatible)
• Honeywell MKXXI EGPWS
• Honeywell KMD 550/850 Multifunction Display
• Honeywell KRA-405B Radar Altimeter
• PS Engineering PRD-60 AVAD (Voice alert for Radar Altimeter)
• Honeywell KA-33 Avionics Fan
• Mid Continent MD222CDI
• Chelton CDM-451 DME Transceiver
• Honeywell KR-21 Marker Receiver
• NAT AA95-863 Pilot Audio Panel
• NAT AA95-863 Co-Pilot Audio Panel
• NAT AA31-002 Audio Mode Selector (Isolating System)
• NAT AA35-100 TCAD Aural warning addition for all ICS Stations
• Artex C406-NHM ELT System
• Davtron 811B Digital Clock (replaces factory unit)
• Avionics Innovations DMP-100 MP3 Player/ Passenger Briefing
• Skyconnect Satellite Phone/Tracking with MMU-II Dialer
• Honeywell VXP HUMS STC SR02535LA

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