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Amazing Aerobatic Performance:
"Two-seat Aerobatic Competitor"
Perfect for competition and aerobatic flying school
Carbon fiber wing assembly with integral tank
Carbon composite empennage structure
Fuselage assembly, 1.7734 steel
Steerable, lightweight tailwheel
Fiberglass landing gear spring
Two-seat bubble canopy
Carbon pushrods
Titanium firewall
Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A, 315 hp, 6 cylinder engine
Muehlbauer, MTV 9-B-C/C198-25, 3-blade propeller
Two fuel pumps (1 engine-driven, 1 electric)
Gomolzig, 6-in-1 exhaust system
Single oil cooler system
Electric starter
Manually adj. rudder pedals with differential toebrakes
Contour molded composite seat, adjustable
Front and rear seat Hooker safety harness with ratchet
Forward rudder pedals with differential toebrakes
Adjustable composite rear seat, contour molded
fixed composite front seat, contour molded
2 front and 2 rear bezel-operated air vents

Airspeed indicator (kts)
Altimeter (ft, inHg/hPa)
Mechanical accelerometer
Magnetic compass
Slip and skid indicator, with holder if req'd
Digital RPM indicator
Analog fuel gauges
Analog CHT/EGT, oil press./oil temp. gauges
Digital V/A indicator
Additional Equipment
Two fuel pumps (1 engine-driven, 1 electric)
Strobe / navigation lights at wing tips
Electric stall warning system
Pitot static system drain
Trickle charger socket
65 Amp alternator
12V battery
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