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For Sale Price: USD $225,000

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This aircraft is owned by the current builder. The owner states no damage history and complete logbooks. At altitude it trues out at 250 mph at around 25 mpg. The plane is very efficient. Flown with conservative 45-55% power and lean of peak at 2300 rpm. If you are in the market for a very fast efficient airplane this is the one.
Empty Weight 1570
Max Takeoff Weight 2400
Useful load 830
Lancair Ram Air System
Speed brakes are built by Precise Flight
Extended baggage area
24 volt system with two Odyssey PC680 batteries in series
bright LED landing lights which pulse or can be on continuously in custom cutouts in the wing center section
Whelen Wing tip and tail strobes with position lights
Grove wheels and brakes
Data plate is titanium and faired in to the fuselage
aluminum inserts in the front of the cowl for cooling and induction air
removable right side rear window
factory canopy seal but a customized actuation system (two micro switches and all electric)
flap pocket stiffeners
canopy latch hold open modification
canopy lock with a key
20 amp accessory pad mounted B&C alternator
Battery mounted behind seat instead of the rear bulkhead
gear over center link has larger tabs
Flap abrasion tape
rear baggage area floor boards
Aerochia fuselage fairings
Continental IO-550 G1B
Serial Number 679056
normally aspirated
10:1 pistons
835 hours since new
engine was ported, polished and balanced
fine wire spark plugs
tuned exhaust
Engine fuel system set up by Mountain Aire Aviation
custom dip stick access door with hidden latch
Polished aluminum spacer on engine controls
zero time engine was sent to Ly-Con for the installation of the 10:1 pistons, balancing
Prop Specs
3 bladed Hartzell propeller
Model: HC-J3YF-1RF/F7391D-3
Hub: JN32B
Blade Serial Numbers: 1) J92503, 2) J92453 3) J92506
dynamically balanced by Aero Resources
front of the blades have been polished
two additional canopy guides to keep the canopy from bulging out
inertial reels for the shoulder harness have been relocated to the seat backs to make access to the baggage area more accessible
numerous speed mods on it including several from Legacy Innovations
- Wing “root” and horizontal stabilizer fairings
- Wing Flap leading edge hinge fairings
- Wing Tip stobe lenses
custom wing tips
Lancair IV style exhaust tunnels
Flap hinge trailing fairings
Elevator and Rudder trim system fairings
External canopy handle is faired into the fuselage
Seals on the flaps when retracted
Silicon seals on the gear doors
Reno inner gear door modification
Glare shield modified to clear canopy
Customized installed tail light and strobe
Dual Chelton screens and a Pinpoint GADAHRS
Backup airspeed and altimeter
wet compass
SL-30 NavComm
Electronics International MVP-50 Engine monitor
Advanced AOA system
Garmin GTX327 transponder with mode C
PS Engineering PM8000B intercom
marker beacon (Antenna not installed)
Audio Jack
TruTrak Digiflight II VSVG two axis autopilot with GPSS and VS guidance
Additional Equipment
Custom canopy cover
smoke system works but the smoke oil tank developed a leak so the system has been decommissioned
Mountain High oxygen system with pulse delivery
RV 6 retractable canopy shade
custom stick grips from CH Products
Year Painted
Painted by T&P Aero Refinishers based in Salinas in 2010
Lexus pearl white
Mini Cooper Red
Hand painted silver pin striping between the red and white is Mercedes silver
Year Interior
Aircraft Interiors at Columbia Airport in 2009
3 different densities of foam used in seats
Light grey with Red Accents
Inspection Status
Annual Completed August 24, 2015
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