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The Valsan conversion received an STC for the first retrofit of the outboard engines of a Boeing 727 with Pratt & Whitney -217 engines. The STC for the “Valsan modification” became known as the Super 27-200 with a designation of “RE”. The 27-200 modification achieved a noise attenuation level 5.1db below Stage 3 noise by replacing the number 1 and 3 engines with JT8D-217C engines, each providing 22,000 lb. thrust, while retaining the center engine (in S/N 22825 , a -17 engine with 16,000 lb. thrust). The optional winglets on this aircraft give the aircraft increased fuel economy, superior cruise performance and substantially increased stability at high altitudes.
Valsan provided the following data on the capabilities of a re-engined -200 Executive. As compared with a typical -200 standard engines, they reported the performance improvements to be:
Fuel Burn 10-15% reduction
Required Takeoff Field Length 20% reduction
Time to Climb 23% Reduction
Sea Level Range Increased 400 NM
Engine Emissions 40% lower per Takeoff & Landing cycle
Maintenance Costs Reduced by $100/FH
Performance Significant improvement
Additional Payload Potential 2700-10,000 lb.
Range from Short Runways As much as double
Range from Elevated Fields As much as double
Payload Range $ Advantage As much as $1200/flight hour
P&W JT9D-217 engines Higher residual value
Airport Noise Footprint 51% smaller than FedEx Stage 3
79% smaller than Stage 2
Range at Same MTOW 12.5% more than w/Std engines
Hot and High Performance Significant improvement
Modification Cost (w/new engines): $10,000,000±
FDS: Dual Collins FD-110
FMS: Dual Universal UNS-1C
COM: Triple Collins 618M-4 w/ 8.33 KHz
NAV: Dual Collins 51RV-48
RADAL: Dual Collins 860F
A/P: Sperry SP-150 MV
XPNDR: Dual Collins TDR-94D (Enhanced)
DME: Dual Collins
HFCOM: Dual Collins 618 w/ SELCAL
RADAR: Honeywell Primus 880
GPS: Universal
SATCOM: Honeywell MCS-6000
EGPWS: Honeywell Mk. VII
TCAS: Collins TCAS II w/ Chg 7
ELT: Artex C406-1
FDR: Fairchild F-1000
Additional Equipment
? MSG-3 maintenance program
? Winglets
? 8.33 KHz spacing and FM Immunity
? RVSM qualified
? Stage III Heavy Hush Kits
? Meets EU2002 noise criteria
? Nose wheel brakes
? Skytheater Entertainment system with Direct TV
? Enhanced surveillance on transponders
? Next engine maintenance not due until 2015
? Retractable forward airstairs for passenger loading
? PATS long range fuel tanks
This world class B727-200 VVIP interior offers rich woodwork throughout the cabin and is configured with 32 seats. Nineteen of the VIP seats are certified for takeoff and landing. The interior features a large salon and a master stateroom with lavatory and shower. This spacious interior is twelve (12) feet longer than a BBJ and has over two and one half times (2.5) the baggage space. A private meeting area with large conference table, second sleeping area and three additional VIP lavatories complete the grand interior. The interior also offers a private crew rest area with refreshment center. This prestigious VIP 727-200 offers a full cabin entertainment system that includes a Skytheater Inflight Entertainment system. Major features of the entertainment system includes two 42-inch plasma monitors, five 20-inch LCD monitors, fourteen 10.4-inch individual monitors, an Airshow Genesys system, a Direct TV system, dual DVD players, dual CD changers, and dual VCP’s.
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