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The newest Twin on the market the Twinstar is excellent for so many applications. Be it a capable and safe lead generator for you business or a family traveling time machine. FIKI and dual engines offer a level of safety unmatched in in the industry today. Coupled with the fuel sipping and operational costs of this aircraft it is hard to beat. Call us today for options.

Price Is Subject To Change. All A/C Subject To Prior Sale or Removal From Market. All Specifications and Claims Subject To Buyers Verification.
•Dual Garmin GIA 63W with Integrated radio modules with WAAS-enabled IFR-approved GPS; VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication with 16-watt transceivers
•Garmin 4 Place Built in Intercom
•Garmin GDU1040, 10 Inch Multi Function Display (MFD), Moving map, Terrain, Traffic, Obstructions, EFIS, Flight Planning, Airport Data, GPS Satellite Data, Multi-Function Menus
•Garmin GDU1040, 10 Inch Primary Flight Display (PFD), Wide Horizon, Three-Axis Flight Dynamics, Air Speed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) with 350-Degree and Arc Modes
•Garmin GFC-700 Automatic Flight Control System Including Yaw Damper
•Garmin GMA 1347 Digital Audio System
•Garmin GTX 33ES (ADS-B Out)
Additional Equipment
•Garmin GEA71 Airframe/Engine Interface Unit
•Standby Instruments (Compass, Attitude Indicator, Air Speed Indicator (kts) Altitude Indicator (ft)
•Composite Cabin and Safety Seats (up to 26g)
•"FAILSAFE" Airframe and Wing Design
•Lighting Protection System
•3-Point Safety Belts Automatic (All Seats)
•Garmin ESP (Electronic Stability Protection)
•Gear Warning Horn Muting System
•Stick Limiter
•Sun Glare Shields and Canopy Lining
•28V Power Supply Socket
•Instrument Lighting
•Overhead Cabin Light
•Hydraulic Retractable Landing Gear
•Heated Pitot Tube
•White Spinner, Black Air Intakes, White Entry Steps, and Entry Grips
•Electrically Operated Flap System
•Landing and Taxi Lights (Xenon)
•LED Position and Strobe Lights
•76.4 US Gallon Long Range Tanks
•Nose Baggage Compartment Accessible From Both Sides
•Pitot Cover
•Rudder Lock
•Tow Bar
•Tool Kit
•First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Axe
•WX 500 Stormscope (option)
•Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology SVT (option)
•Avidyne TAS 605 Traffic Advisory System (option)
•Garmin GWX 70 Weather Radar (option)
•Garmin GSR 56 Iridium Satellite Datalink (option)
•Garmin GTX 33ES ADS-B Out (option)
•Garmin GDL 69A SAT WX (option)
•Jeppesen ChartView Approach Plates (option)
•Air Conditioning/RACC System Powered by additional Alternator (option)
•Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI) Deice (option)
•Oxygen System (option)
•Premium Leather Interior
•Electronically Operated Adjustable Rudder Pedals for Pilot and CoPilot
•Bubble Canopy Including Sun Protection (option)
•AMSAFE Inflatable Restraints front seats only (option)
•Removable Sheepskin Seat Cushions (option)
•Canopy and Nose Cover (option)
•Engine Cover Set (option)
Pick your striping pattern, this plane has such as ramp presence. Enjoy the durability of Diamonds finish superior to other aircraft.
Interior is beautiful leather in your choice of colors
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