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2012 Falcon 7X Sn 139 P4-GIS, APU in service w/MSP GOLD and CAMP Programs, equipped w/ Honeywell EASY II+. the fastest selling business jet for Dassault, this flagship is loaded with options with a beautiful interior, Available Immediately, Make an offer, Contact Matthew Leatherbury at tel. # 941-355-9585 email: [email protected]

Engines: under MSP GOLD
& CAMP Programs
APU in service MSP GOLD
Beautiful Titanium w/ Blue Metallic stripes on exterior
touched up in 2015
Azurite and Light Skin Color in masterfully designed interior
Total Time: 1168 Hours
Cycles: 642
Pratt and Whitney PW-307A
Total Time: 1168
Cycles: 642
Honeywell EASY II+ Auto Flight Control System and Guidance Panel Controller GP-600
Honeywell VHF Data Radio
Honeywell HF Receiver /Exciter
Honeywell SatcomMCS-7120 System with Cord and Cordless handsets
Honeywell Flight Recording System
Honeywell Quick Access Recorder
Honeywell Modulator AviaonicsUnit
Honeywell Electronic Ground Proximity Warning Module
Honeywell Central Maintenance Computer
HonewywellModular Radio Cabinet
Honeywell Primary / Multifunction Display
Rosemount Aerospace, Air Data Smart Probe w/ “mbar” indication
Honeywell LASERREF-V Micro Inertial Reference Unit
Honeywell FMS Computers
Honeywell AlttitudeHeading Reference System Unit
Honeywell Standby Instrument LCD Indicator
Honeywell FMS Computers
Honeywell AlttitudeHeading Reference System Unit
Honeywell Standby Instrument LCD Indicator
Honeywell Weather Radar (Primus WU-880)
Honeywell Radio Altimeter Receiver /Transmitter
Honeywell Traffic Collision Avoidance System
Honeywell VOR /ILS / Data Link / GPS Module
Honeywell Distance Measuring EqupimentModule
Honeywell Automatic Direction Finder Module
Honeywell Air TraffiControl Mode-S Transponder Module
Eros/Zodiac Pilot’ Oxygen System Mask & Stow Box
Rockwell Collis Air-Show-9000
MiltopeInc, Flight Deck Printer
Ester Line Inc, Pilot View Electronic Flight Bag
Honeywell AFIS System
Honeywell SELCAL System
Honeywell Electronics JeppesenCharts
Rockwell Collis FCMS Cabin Management
Honeywell Under Water ELT Rescue
Goodrich Inc. Ice Detection System
Panasonic CF-19 On-Board Personal CPU
Eros/Zodiac Emergency Respiratory Oxygen System
Honeywell Cabin Management System with Touch Screen Ctrl
Additional Equipment
EASA / JAR OPS1 and FAA / FAR91 Compliance, Flight Deck EASY II+ with Honeywell Primus Epic System, Auto Throttle EASY II+
Honeywell EASY II+ Avionics Equipment's to conduct flights in the following space: RVSM: FAA IG 91-RVSM and JAA TGL no. 6 REV 1.
MNPS: FAA AC91-49, using Honeywell Dual FMS, Triple IRS and Dual GPS
Inspection Status
First “600 Hrs” Inspection for #1, #2, and #3 Engines was performed December 17 /2013

The offer for sale of this aircraft is subject to contract and the aircraft may at any time be withdrawn from the market without prior notice. Specification is always subject to verification by the purchaser.
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