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For Sale Price: USD $3,950,000

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The Bell 205 A1++ is the weapon of choice for utility lifting in North America. With 3800 lbs on the hook it outclasses all comers and has been doing so for over 40 years. This ship has been modified to the limit with BLR Strake, Fast Fin, T53-17 engine, AFS Inlet Filter, VREF door and window, WSPK, Bell 212 running gear and a dozen more improvements. It epitomizes the excellent performance and "King of the Hill" status that the Bell 205 - 17 holds.

The market is shifting and the single engine 205 is being pressured by affordable medium twin engines that offer less payload but more redundancy. This being said - the USFS still prefers the -17 Bell 205 over anything else and it is a licence to print money when the fires are on and demand is high. There isn't anything unknown about these aircraft and after years of utility work they have been tried and tested and continue to perform at the highest level.

This particular ship is owned by a colleague looking at change and if the price is right, he will let his most coveted and cherished helicopter sell. The money spent on detailing and perfecting this aircraft is exceptional and the next owner will inherit a 205 without equal in the world. The engine is less than 150hrs TSI for the HSI and with close to 1000hrs remaining on the main components, this helicopter is ready to work.

This is a valued aircraft in today's market, call Oceania Aviation and ask for Stephen Boyce for further details.
Honeywell Lycoming T53 17B
Blue on Silver - Mint condition
Utility Bell
Inspection Status
Current C of A
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