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Oleo Strut Gear Taildragger
Gross Weight: 2500 lbs.
Empty Weight: 1470 lbs.
Useful Load: 1030 lbs.
Stall Speed (full flaps/power off/light weight) (IAS): 40 mph
Take Off, Ground Roll (light weight): 300 ft
Take Off (light weight) over 50' obstacle: 700 ft
Rate of Climb, Initial (light weight): 1000 fpm
Landing (light weight) over obstacle: 900 ft
Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft.

Factory Authorized Dealers for American Champion, Expedition Aircraft and Maule Aircraft

Bob "Hurricane" Hannah
P: (208) 454-7858
E: [email protected]

Kasey "Bonecrusher" Lindsay
P: (208) 343-0009, (208) 630-4441
E: [email protected]

Our industry leading experience and the fact that we are a FACTORY AUTHORIZED NEW AMERICAN CHAMPION DEALER will help maximize your ownership and/or selling experience.

We offer:

Complete Aircraft Brokerage Service
30,000 sq feet of heated hangar space in Idaho
No charge to hangar your aircraft while being marketed
Full shop for fabric, paint, composites,engine,airframe and warranty support
Complete expert detailing services to maximize resale value
Extensive international export/import experience. Crating/shipping/customs
Financing available through our banking partners
Highly experienced ferry pilots to deliver or pick up your aircraft
Highly experienced and skilled tailwheel, off airport and aerobatic instructors
We are "off airport, bush flying experts".
Welded Tubular 4130 Chromoly Steel Fuselage and Tail Section, Stabilizers, Elevators, and Rudder.
Airframe Float Reinforcements
Float Fittings - Aft Attach Points: Weld-In
Float Fittings - Forward Set: (Nosewheel Models Only)
Fuselage, Tail Surface and Rudder Covering: Ceconite
Grab Handles on Fuselage for Lifting/Moving
Stainless Steel Main Horizontal Stabilizer Tail Strut
All Metal Ailerons and Flaps: Aluminum Spars, Ribs, Skin.
All Metal Wings: Aluminum Spars, Ribs, Skin.
Steel Tie Down Rings
Tail Surface and Rudder Covering: Ceconite

Powder Coating on Airframe, Engine Mount, and Door Frames
Urethane Paint System
Wing Corrosion Proofing
Sealed Wing Lift Struts are internally coated with oil.

Alternator (60 Amp)
Battery -12V (14V System)
Circuit Breakers
Instrument and Dome Lights
Landing Light in Wing: Left (Taxi) and Right
Lightweight Starter
Navigation Lights
Omni Antenna
Wing Tip Strobe Lights

Composite Two-Piece Split Engine Cowling
Spin-On Oil Filter
Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Muffler Heat Shroud
Stainless Steel Firewall

Auxiliary Fuel Pump
Fuel Drains (7): One Fuel Sump Drain in Each Tank
Two Low-Point Drains, One Gascolator
Fuel Tanks (Aluminum) - 4 Tanks: 85 gals. Useable
- 2 Main Tanks: 21.5 gals. Useable
- 2 Auxiliary Tanks: 21 gals. Useable
Fuel Transfer Pumps for Auxiliary Tanks
Fuel Selector Valve (Left, Right, Both, and Off)
Gravity Feed Fuel System - No Header Tanks

Aluminum Wheels and Hydraulic Brakes
7.00 x 6 Main Landing Gear Tires
Parking Brakes
Maule Steerable Tundra Tailwheel (N/A M(X)T Models)
Clock - Analog
Compass - Magnetic
Full Gyro Panel with Vacuum System
- Airspeed Indicator
- Altimeter
- Attitude Gyro
- Directional Gyro
- Electric Turn Coordinator
- Vertical Speed Indicator
- Dry Air Pump
- Filter
- Regulator
- Suction Gauge
- Amp Meter (Analog)
- Cylinder Head Temperature - 1 Cylinder (Analog)
- Fuel Pressure
- Fuel Quantity - Left/Right Main and Aux. Tanks (Analog)
- Manifold Pressure
- Oil Pressure (Analog)
- Oil Temperature (Analog)
- Outside Air Temperature
- Tachometer
Additional Equipment
Flap-7 Degree Setting for Increased Cruise Speed
Four Doors and Four Seats
Easy Access Rear Passenger/Cargo Doors:
Open Away from Each Other which Allows for Loading of Long Objects
Side-by-Side Pilot and Copilot Seating
Side-by-Side Passenger Seating
Quick Removal 2nd and 3rd Row Seats for More Cargo Area
Larger Cargo Area for Optional 5th Seat - M(T)-7 / M-9 Series

3 Point, Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses: All Seats
406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
Audible and Visual Stall Warning Indicator
Complete 4130 Chromoly Steel Fuselage
Dual Control Yokes
Dual Rudder Pedals and Toe Brakes
Four Position Fuel Selector Valve with Integrated Safety Features
Heated Pitot Tube
Adjustable Front Seats with Integrated Seat Back Pockets
Pilot and Copilot - Side-by-Side
Rear Seats - Completely Removable 2nd Row Sling Seat
Side-by-Side - Adjustable Two Position M7/MT7/M-9
Cargo Tie Down Straps
Full Cabin Floorboards
Fully Upholstered Interior: Seats, Headliner, Door/Side Panel/Trim
Lockable Cabin Entry Doors: Pilot (Keyed), Copilot, Rear
Passenger and Cargo
Stainless Steel Entry Cargo Door Sills

Adjustable Window Vents
Auxiliary Power Plug In Instrument Panel
Cabin Fresh Air Vents: Pilot and Copilot
Cabin Heater Vents: Front and Rear Passenger
Cabin Sound Proofing and Insulation
Cabin Steps: Pilot and Copilot Doors
Rear Passenger Entry Door Cabin Step (MXT-7 & MT-7 Only)
Door Pockets: Pilot and Copilot Doors
Smoke Tint Windshield
Swing out Window (Fully Opening): Pilot Side
Windshield Defroster
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