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For Sale Price: USD $39,000,000

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Aircraft Model: ACJ318
1C Inspection Check C/W November, 2014
Part 145 Certified
21 Pax + 2 Crew Seats Configuration, 19 Pax + 2 Crew Seats Take-off & Landing Certified
Cabin Wifi and Satellite Phone
Increased Design Weights
Provisions & GW mod. for 2 ACTs, Circa 4,300 nm Range
Provisions for Steep Approach Certification
Polar Navigation Function
Manufacturing Year: 2011
Delivery Year: 2012
Serial Number: 4878
Total Hours: 249 Since New
Total Cycles: 93 Since New
Engine Model: SNECMA - CFM56-5B9/3
Engine 1 SN: 643628
Engine 2 SN: 643629
Each Engine Total Hours: 249 Since New
Each Engine Total Cycles: 93 Since New
APU Model: APS3200
Serial Number: 3168
Total Hours: 987 Since New
Total Cycles: 776 Since New
Auto Flight:
Dual Multipurpose Control Display Unit
Dual Flight Augmentation Computer
Single Flight Control Computer
Dual Flight Management Guidance Computer
Single Cockpit Voice Recorder
Triple VHF Antenna
Dual Di-coupler -HF Antenna
Triple VHF Transceiver
Single SATCOM (SDU) Data Unit
Single Intermediate Gain Antenna
Single Airshow 4000 Media Server
Single AMU-ADU Management Unit
Dual Director CIDS Simulator
Fourteen (14) DEU-Decoder Encoder Units
Single DEU-B Unit
Single DEU-Decoder Encoder Unit
Single CAM-Cabin Assignment Module
Single OBRM-Onboard Replaceable Module
Electrical Power:
Single Ground Auxiliary Power Control Unit
Flight Controls:
Dual Flight Control Data Concentrator Unit
Dual Slat Flap Control Computer
Dual Elevator Aileron Computer
Triple Spoiler Elevator Computer
Single Fuel Quantity Computer
Ice and Rain Protection:
Triple Probes Heat Computer
Dual Window Heat Computer
Indicating / Recording Systems:
Triple Display Management Computer
Single Solid State Flight Data Recorder
Dual Flight Warning Computer
Dual System Data Acquisition Computer
Single Centralized Fault Display Interface Unit
Single Flight Data Interface Management Unit
Six (6) DME ATC Antennas
Triple Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
Dual ADF Loop and Sense Antenna
Single Glide Slope Antenna
Single Marker Antenna
Single VOR Antenna
Single Localizer Antenna
Single Combined DDRMI Unit
Single Weather Control Unit
Dual Weather Radar Transceiver
Single Weather Radar Tray-Mounting Unit
Single Weather Radar Antenna
Four (4) Radio Altimeter Antennas
Dual TCAS Antenna
Dual VOR, MKR Receiver
Dual ADF Receiver
Dual DME Interrogator Unit
Dual Radio Altimeter Transceiver
Dual Multi Mode Receiver
Single TCAS Computer
Dual GPS Active Antenna
Eight (8) Air Data Modules (L/R/STBY STATIC/TOTAL Pressure)
Single Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Computer
Single ATC, TCAS Control Unit
ISIS Indicator
Triple Angle of Attack Sensor
Information System:
Dual Datalink (DCDU) Control Unit
Single Air Traffic Services Unit
Additional Equipment
Provisions & GW mod. for 2 ACTs
Gross Weight Increase Mod - MTOW to 66t, MLW to 57.5t, MZFW to 54.5t
Single HUD System Structural and Wiring Provisions
Pilots Electrical Foot Warmers
Fourth Occupant Seat in Cockpit
Forward Passenger/Crew Service Floor Area
Floor Panel Heating
Slide Rafts at Fwd Pax/Crew/Service Doors
Forward LS Entrance Stairs
Ozone Catalytic Converters
Alternate Avionics Ventilation Air Filter Equipment
Cargo Holds Fire Extinguishers Extended Duration for ETOPS 120 min
TTOL Certification of two aft seats on the fwd RH 3-seat divan in the Executive Lounge
TTOL Certification of two aft seats on the curved divan in the Executive Lounge
TTOL Certification of two RH single seats in the Private Office
Additional TTOL seat certification (L-shaped divan)
Cabin Smoke Detection
Overall White.
Seating Configuration:
Executive Twenty-one (21) Passenger Seats with Two (2) Crew Seats
Seventeen (19) Passenger Seat with Two (2) Crew Seats Certified for Takeoff & Landing
Berths Available for 8 Passengers to Sleep
Entourage Area: Two (2) TTOL Certified Seats
Executive Lounge: Thirteen (13) TTOL Certified Seats
Private Office: Four (4) TTOL Certified Seats
Floor Plan:

Entry Area:
Two (2) TTOL Certified Crew Seats
Fwd Entourage Area: Two (2) TTOL Certified Opposite Berthable Crew Seats
Executive Lounge:
Fwd LH: One Four (4) Place Club Seating
Fwd RH: One Three-Place Divan w/ Two (2) Seats TTOL Certified
Aft LH: One (1) TTOL Certified Forward Facing Single Seat w/ One (1) Three-Place Divan w/ Three (3) seats TTOL Certified and One (1) Forward Facing Single Seat
Aft RH: Two (2) TTOL Certified Berthable Forward Facing Single Seats
Private Office:
LH: One (1) Three-place Divan w/ Two (2) Seats TTOL certified
RH: Two (2) TTOL Certified Forward Facing Single Seats
Lavatory and Galley:
Forward Crew Lav, Mid Enlarged Lounge Cabin and Aft Master Washroom
Galley: Fwd Galley
Accessories: Accordion Window Shades, Dome Panels
Storage: Underpin Insert Stowage (Mid Cabinet)
Business and Entertainment:
Airshow System
Fax Machine
Wireless LAN and Telephone
Karaoke and Hi-Fi Loudspeakers in the Executive Lounge
DVD Players
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