New & Used Aircraft For Sale at Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Learjet, Mooney, and Socata. Jets, Single Piston, Piston Twin, and more.
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For Sale Price: USD $9,950,000

Leasing Prices: Call

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Offshore configured helicopters with a 15 seat configuration in excellent condition
- 6800 MTOW
- Engines are on PBH Program to be transferred with sale
Two (2) Primary Flight Display (8 x 10 color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data

Two (2) Multifunction Display (8 x 10 color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data

Two Modular Avionic Units (MAUs) incorporating the following major subsystems and/or functions:
- Vehicle Monitoring System - VMS (dual)
- Monitor Warning System - MWS (dual)
- Aural Walling Generator - AWG (single)
- Central Maintenance Computer - CMC (single)

Left Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) with the following modules:
- VHF Comm
- Mode-S Diversity Transponder
- One ADF

ESIS (attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, compass, and ILS data) | Two (2) Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRSs) | Two (2) Air Data Modules (ADMs) | Two (2) flux valves | Two (2) Display Controllers (DCs) | Two (2) Cursor Control Devices (CCDs) | Reversion Control Panel (RCP) | Display Dimming Control Panel (DCP) | Stability Augmentation System (SAS) control panel | Two (2) Remote Instrument Controllers (RICs) | 4-Axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System - DAFCS (dual) with auto trim function | Provision for CVR/FDR data interface | Dual Flight Director System | Pilot and copilot microphone and headset | Two pedestal mounted MCDUs (Multi Control Function Display Units) | Pilot and Copilot interphone control (cyclic grip and floor switches) | Two (2) Radar Altimeters - RT - 300 | ELT | Flight Guidance Controller | Honeywell GPS module with Flight Plan Management System (FPMS) | Pilot and copilot digital audio panels with remote ICS audio port for ground operation | Pilot & Copilot digital clock | Magnetic compass | Outside Air Temperature indicator | Two (2) Master Warning Lights (MWLs) | Two (2) Master Caution Lights (MCLs) | Engine 1 Fire Light | Engine 2 Fire Light | Baggage compartment smoke detector light | Dual electrical power connection for CVR/FDR (FAA requirement compliant) | CVR/FDR with Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB)
Additional Equipment
IFR Configured | Auxiliary fuel tank provision | Air conditioning | Auxiliary Transversal Fuel Tanks - 132 Gallon | Emergency floats provisions | Emergency floats removable | HEELS (Helicopter Emergency Exit Lighting System) | HUMS (Health & Usage Monitoring System), complete provision and removable parts | Additional anti-collision light under fuselage | TCAS I Bendix King fixed provisions | TCAS I Bendix King KTA-970 | Weather radar (Primus 660) fixed provisions | Weather radar (Primus 660) | Separate 4 Point Seatbelts (15 Seats) | Baggage Load Capacity Increase to 300 kg | Cargo Hook (2200 kg/4850 lb) Provision | Central Approach Plates Chart Holders with Light | Strobe Light on the Sponson/Elevator | Two (2) Life rafts - Up to 17 passengers each | Rescue Hoist single (Goodrich) provision | ADELT (2-frequency Automatic Deployable ELT with GSP interface) in Lieu of standard ELT | Rotating and retracting Landing Light | VHF/FM NPX-138 NAT Tactical Radio
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