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Equipment Specifications

Year 2014
Model EA 500
Price Call
For 1/8 Ownership Call
Location RONKONKOMA, New York
Condition New
FAA and EASA certification completed! first of many being delivered to US customers - deposits now being taken!
The Extra 500, a technologically advanced, pressurized, single-engine turboprop aircraft, represents the next generation in aircraft engineering and excellence in the high- performance cabin class. Ingenuity in design, efficiency in operation and luxury in flight highlight the EA-500.

Built upon the heritage of the Extra 200/300 series, among the first aircraft to have a certified carbon-fiber wing structure, the EA-500 has an all-carbon fiber composite airframe that is both lighter and stronger than traditional metal structures. The total product package of the Extra 500 – its carbon-fiber design, aerodynamically clean structure and Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop engine – expertly balances efficiency (20 GPH) and performance so that you reach your destination in the least amount of time.

The EA-500 was specifically designed around the Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop engine. Weighing just 205 pounds and with power output of 450 shaft horsepower, the engine effectively powers the lightweight, carbon-fiber airframe of the aircraft. The fusion of power and weight results in lower costs per Mile and per Seat than in any other single-engine turboprop aircraft currently available. In fact, the Extra 500 can travel over 1,600 nm In addition, the aircraft is certified for all-weather operations, including Flight Into Known Icing conditions The EA-500’s cockpit features the Avidyne Entegra Release 9 avionics Suite. Entegra Release 9 represents the next generation of integrated flight deck systems for general aviation aircraft.

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